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GBB Gesellschaft für Bildung und Beruf e.V.
Institute for Training & Career

Hörder Bahnhofstr. 6
D-44263 Dortmund

Fon: +49-(0)231-55 72 17-0
Fax: +49-(0)231-55 63 73


Register of Associations Dortmund: VR 3521

Executive director: Bernd Schnittker

Responsible for page contents: Bernd Schnittker

Legal information:

The authors do not take responsibility for the timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against authors, which are based on material or idealistic losses/damages, which through the use/non-use of the provided information and respectively caused by the use of erroneous and partial information, are categorically excluded, as long as on the part of the authors no demonstrable deliberate or grossly negligent fault is on hand.

All offers are subject to change and without obligation. The authors explicitly reserve the right to change, add to or delete parts of the pages or the whole offer without separate (prior) announcement or to cease publication temporarily or finally.


In case of direct or indirect reference to ‚links’, which are beyond the area of responsibility of the authors, who are only liable if the contents is known to them and it is technically possible and reasonable to avert the use in case the contents is illicit. Contents beyond these and especially damages, which emerge from the use or non-use of such a kind of information, is the provider of these pages liable and not who merely points to these publications through links. This restriction is equally valid for entries made by outsiders in guest books, calendar of events, classified ads, discussion forum or mailing lists, which are created by the authors.

Copyright and trademark legislations:

The authors strive to adhere to the copyright of used graphics, sounds and texts in all publications, to use their own created graphics, sounds and texts or to resort to public domain graphics, sounds and texts. Should a graphic, sound or text on the respective pages be displayed unlabelled but is copyrighted externally, the authors could not identify the copyright. In the case of an accidental copyright infringement the authors will remove the particular object from their publications or indicate the respective copyright after notification. The copyright for objects created and published by the authors stays with the authors of these pages. Reproducing or application of such graphics, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the authors’ explicit consent.

Registered brands, trade names, utility patents and logos are being used on our website. Even if these are not labelled as such at the particular sites, the respective legal regulations apply.

Data protection:

Provided that the possibility to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names and addresses) is given within the online content, the divulgation of these data on the part of the user is explicitly voluntary. The utilisation and payment of all offered services is – as far as technically possible and reasonable – without declaration of such data and respectively the declaration of anonymous data or pseudonyms is permitted.

Legal effects of this disclaimer:

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet presence, from which there was a reference to this page. If parts or individual wording of this text is not, not anymore or not completely complying with the legal situation, the contents and validity of the remaining parts of the documents remain unaffected.

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